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Historical Courses

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​Below is a sampling of possible AFRA@UD undergraduate and graduate courses. For an up-to-date list of available courses, click here.

  • AFRA107History of RockMUSC1073 Hrs
  • AFRA110*Introduction to Africana Studies3 Hrs
  • AFRA134*History of AfricaHIST1343 Hrs
  • AFRA203*Art, Power and Architecture in AfricaARTH2043 Hrs
  • AFRA204Urban CommunitiesSOCI2043 Hrs
  • AFRA205*Contemporary Afro-American Issues3 Hrs
  • AFRA206*Survey of Afro-American Culture3 Hrs
  • AFRA207History of JazzMUSC2073 Hrs
  • AFRA215Race in SocietySOCI2153 Hrs
  • AFRA220*American Civil Rights MovementHIST2203-4 Hrs
  • AFRA293Honors Short Course1 Hrs
  • AFRA296Honors Forum1 Hrs
  • AFRA298Research on Race, Ethnicity and CultureWOMS2981 Hrs
  • AFRA304*History of Black America to the Civil WarHIST3253 Hrs
  • AFRA306*History of Black America Since the Civil WarHIST3263 Hrs
  • AFRA307*Black Thought and PhilosophyPHIL3073 Hrs
  • AFRA308Delaware Black History3 Hrs
  • AFRA309Political Culture by CountryPOSC309/FLLT3093 Hrs
  • AFRA313*African American Literature IENGL3443 Hrs
  • AFRA322Race and PoliticsPOSC3223 Hrs
  • AFRA326Anthropology of African DiasporaANTH3263 Hrs
  • AFRA327*Race, Gender, SciencePHIL327/WOMS327/CGSC3273 Hrs
  • AFRA330Rhetoric of Black America3 Hrs
  • AFRA331*History of Caribbean IHIST3313 Hrs
  • AFRA332*History of Caribbean IIHIST3323 Hrs
  • AFRA333*Peoples of AfricaANTH3333 Hrs
  • AFRA334*African American Women's HistoryHIST334/WOMS3343 Hrs
  • AFRA335Experiential EducationHDFS3343 Hrs
  • AFRA336American SlaveryHIST3353 Hrs
  • AFRA345*African American Literature IIENGL3453 Hrs
  • AFRA347Studies in American LiteratureENGL3473 Hrs
  • AFRA350*Race and Work in the United States3 Hrs
  • AFRA351*Race and Ethnicity in Latin AmericaANTH3513 Hrs
  • AFRA352*Black Feminist TheoryWOMS3623 Hrs
  • AFRA355*Inequality, Crime and JusticeCRJU355/SOCI3563 Hrs
  • AFRA356Studies in Modern/Contemporary LiteratureENGL3563 Hrs
  • AFRA361*Racial InequalitySOCI3613 Hrs
  • AFRA363*History of Blacks in the American WestHIST3333 Hrs
  • AFRA364*African American/Native American Explorations3 Hrs
  • AFRA369*Slave Testimony as Historical ArtifactHIST3203 Hrs
  • AFRA373Psychosocial Elements of Hip-Hop in the Black Community3 Hrs
  • AFRA381Understanding Black Men in the Streets and in Prison3 Hrs
  • AFRA382Studies ni Multicultural Literature in EnglishENGL382/JWST382/WOMS3823 Hrs
  • AFRA391Research Methods in Africana Studies1-4 Hrs
  • AFRA395* Pan AfricanismHIST3953 Hrs
  • AFRA415*Race, Class and GenderSOCI415/WOMS4153 Hrs
  • AFRA416*Psychological Perspectives on the Black AmericanPSYC4163 Hrs
  • AFRA418Race, Gender and PovertySOCI418/WOMS4183 Hrs
  • AFRA420Race and SexualitySOCI420/SGST420/WOMS4123 Hrs
  • AFRA431Caribbean Plantation Society and EconomyHIST4313 Hrs
  • AFRA439*Topics in African PoliticsPOSC4393 Hrs
  • AFRA440Themes in Africana Studies3-9 Hrs
  • AFRA455*Youth Street OutreachCRJU455/SOCI455/UAPP4554 Hrs
  • AFRA476Topics in Human Development and Family StudiesHDFS4751-3 Hrs
  • AFRA490Senior Project3 Hrs
  • AFRA649Civil Rights Law and PolicyUAPP649/LEST6493 Hrs
  • AFRA650Black Community Studies3-6 Hrs
  • AFRA660Research and Africana Studies1-6 Hrs

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Historical Courses
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Historical Courses
  • Department of Africana Studies
  • 417 Ewing Hall, 15 Orchard Road
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • University of Delaware
  • Phone: 302-831-2897
  • Center for Black Culture
  • African Studies Program
  • Black Student Union
  • Christina Cultural Arts Center
  • Black Graduate Student Association
  • National Council for Black Students