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Welcome Alumni and Friends 

Welcome alumni and friends to Africana Studies Department (formerly BAMS) Alumni and Friend Career Education Program.

The program offers alumni and friends opportunities to connect with AFRA students and other minority students. Alumni support represents a range of industries and interests, including education, law, finance, consulting, information technology, medicine, engineering, event planning, journalism and more!

At our alumni speaker events students have the opportunity to discuss career interests, gain professional advice and share their questions and concern relating to their future careers.​

We always enjoy hearing from our alumni and friends! Please complete the AFRA Alumni and Friend Interest Forms to update your information with us…and be sure to let us know what you've been doing!    

Ways to get involved

  • Sponsor a student in a paid internship
  • Mentor a future teacher
  • Offer training: provide students access to in-house training
  • Share your expertise and volunteer to speak to students in small group format or in a classroom
  • Offer resources and materials that will support students in their academics and professional careers
  • Participant in future career fairs and events

Africana Studies Practicum Internship Recruitment and Employment ​(ASPIRE)                        

The Department of Africana Studies (formerly Black American Studies-BAMS) at the University of Delaware is an intellectual communi​ty committed to producing and advancing knowledge about the rich and varied experiences of Black people across the African Diaspora. Fundamental to our mission is the work of applying the production of knowledge to uplift and empower our communities, ourselves, and to inspire social change and permanent liberation. 

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​Student Re​​​​​​​sources

​​Career Deveopment​​

Financial Literacy

  • ​​​Black leaders offer several key steps to help close the racial wealth gap

  • Black Enterprise – Black Enterprise is the premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for African Americans. Since 1970, Black Enterprise has provided essential business information and advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision makers.

  • Diversity Employers – This database contains employers who have voiced their commitment to diversity and have programs to support POC, as well as a list of currently available jobs and internships.​


  • NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination

  • National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC)​ -- The National Black Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African-American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the US and via interaction with the African Diaspora