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About the Africana Studies major

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African Studies students in the classroom

The Africana Studies (AFRA) major is designed for maximum flexibility. The major begins with an introductory course in Africana Studies (AFRA 110) and culminates in a major senior project that consists of one or more of the following: an independent research project or senior thesis; an approved internship in a local community or state-wide agency, and an electronic portfolio of experiences, accomplishments and accumulated essays that reflect major lessons learned and ways to incorporate them in career plans. We also emphasize research opportunities in both laboratory investigations and field settings.

Africana Studies provides students with a broad critical exposure to the multidisciplinary study of people and cultures of African descent in the United States as well as the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Europe. Majors in Africana Studies develop critical skills in the analysis of social, cultural, political and economic factors that influence their status and overall well-being. AFRA courses and program experiences prepare majors to participate in society with a firmer understanding of the dynamics of race and culture that may affect them. The program provides students the opportunity to experience other cultures in the African Diaspora outside of the United States; engage in research, and develop practical understanding of issues of social justice in communities, institutions and social policies. 

Students in this major acquire the skills and general knowledge typical of most liberal arts programs that prepare them for a variety of specific careers and advanced professional training Africana Studies majors find employment in the education, health and human services, journalism, advertising and marketing, human resources, personnel management, and social services. They also find career opportunities in business management, finance, legislative and public affairs, counseling and community organizations. Many go on to law school or enroll in graduate programs in social or behavioral science, history or literature fields. With the growing attention to human diversity in our society, the skills of comparative cultural analysis offer a major advantage to graduates pursuing careers in diverse organizations.

Interested students should contact the Department Office in 417 Ewing Hall, or call 302-831–2897.

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About the AFRA major
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About the Africana Studies major
  • Department of Africana Studies
  • 417 Ewing Hall, 15 Orchard Road
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • University of Delaware
  • Phone: 302-831-2897
  • Center for Black Culture
  • African Studies Program
  • Black Student Union
  • Christina Cultural Arts Center
  • Black Graduate Student Association
  • National Council for Black Students